“Jeff Salz spoke to our sales, service and marketing management team and effectively delivered the business messages of change management, connectedness, leadership, serving others and teamwork through a series of gripping stories.

His passion, energy and ability to connect with a diverse audience and leave lasting messages was superb. After he left our team spent hours discussing what we learned. He truly gave us a lasting gift.

Joe Boorady, Vice President, Sales and Customer Care

The Experience: Ideal Group Size from 10 to 10,000 Participants “Jeff Salz is the Best of the Best” -Insurance Meeting Planners magazine

The Experience Challenges You

Those who approach any enterprise with the skill-set of adventure are uniquely positioned to turn a time of transformation into one of outrageous success. They are equipped with an enthusiasm for change and the imagination and innovative capacities necessary to navigate uncharted waters and chart the path for future generations. Today’s adventurer has the capacity to transform the seemingly impossible into reality…on a daily basis.

While in the past, the attributes of the explorer were required by only a few, today – with unprecedented sociological, political and technological change engulfing our lives – it is incumbent upon us all to expand our repertoires. We must all become adventurers.

Adventurers and adventurous organizations challenge the norm. They are energized by uncertainty and adversity. They use them to their advantage.

“Our team really needed, appreciated and absorbed your message. I am sure you picked up on this with the two standing ovations you received. You provided a great service for our organization and helped us create a memorable experience for our employees. I still hear them talking about it today. You really enhanced our efforts in driving our organization to the next level!

Glen Tullman, Chief Executive Officer, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

Highly Energizing!
A Thought-Provoking Interactive Event

Jeff skillfully guides participants through an exploration of the Six Steps. Gleaned from 40 years of mountaineering, exploration and expedition land organizational leadership, these are the best practices of the successful leader- the keys to mastering innovation and risk-taking for a world in transition. Attendees return energized with personal mission statements in hand…equipped with a fresh skill set and perspectives elevated just enough to accomplish them!

“I can’t say I want a life of danger…but I love a life of risk. I want a life that asks of me at every moment all of my courage…all of my health…all of my happiness.”

-Andre Gide

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